Systems | Signal Flow

MCI JH-24 – 24 track, 2″ Tape Machine

Burl B80 Mothership [BMB1 / Digilink] w/:
– 32 Channels of Burl A/D Conversion
– 32 Channels of Burl D/A Conversion

Apple Mac Pro 2.7 GHz 12-core Xeon E5 w/:
– Avid Pro Tools HDX Core Card
– UA Satellite Octo
– Pro Tools Ultimate

API “The Box” recording / mixing console

Switchcraft 9625 Bantam Patchbays


Barefoot MicroMain26 Studio Monitors
Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitors
Mackie SRM350 Loudspeakers
Beyerdynamics & Remote Audio / Sony HN7506 Headphones


Altec 1592A
Altec 1592B
API 3124+ (12 ch.)
Chandler LTD TG2 (2 ch.)
Chandler LTD Germanium
Grace Designs M-501 (2 ch.)
Great River MP-NV (2 ch.)
Neve 1073 preamp / EQ (2 ch.)
Neve Portico 511 (2 ch.)
Shadow Hills Mono Gama (2 ch.)
Tube-Tech MP2A (2 ch.)


Universal Audio / Teletronix LA-2A
Urei LA-3A
Universal Audio 1176LN
Inward Connections TSL-4
Retro Instruments 175B
Retro Instruments Sta-Level
Retro Instruments Revolver
Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph
SSL G-Comp
Chandler LTD-2 (Mastering Pair)
IGS Volfram
IGS S-Type
API 527 (Pair)
Emperical Labs EL8X-S Distressor (Pair)
Emperical Labs Derr-Esser
Audio Scape 76A
Hairball 1176 (Rev A)
Hairball 1176 (Rev F)
Drawmer DL241 XLR
Shure Level Loc
Standard Audio Level-Or MK2
DBX 160 (Pair)
DBX 160X
DBX 163X  (Pair)
DBX 165 (Pair)
DBX 560A  (Pair)
Alesis 3630

Outboard Effects

Thermionic Culture – Culture Vulture
Eventide H3500 Ultra-Harmonizer
Roland Space Echo RE-201
Roland Space Echo RE-501
Echo Fix EF-X2 Tape Echo
Klark Teknik 3rd Dimension
Demeter RV-1D (2 Ch. Spring Reverb)
Radial Tank Driver (Spring Reverb)
Yamaha SPX90
Korg Kaoss Pad 3
Electrix MoFX
Electrix Filter Factory


AKG C-414 B-ULS (pair)
AKG C-451 E (pair)
AKG D112
AKG D130
AKG D190
AKG D1200
Audio Technica 4050
Audio Technica AT822
Beyerdynamics M 160
Beyerdynamics Opus 87  (pair)
Cascade 731R [Lundahl]
Coles 4038 (pair)
Electro-Voice DO56
Earthworks QSC-1 (pair)
EV RE-20
Flea 47
Neumann U87 (matched pair)
Neumann KM84 (matched pair)
Neumann TLM 103
Peluso P12
Placid Audio Copperphone Microphone
Reslo RBL [2]
Scope Labs Periscope
Sennheiser MD 441
Sennheiser MD 421 [2]
Sennheiser MD 21
Sennheiser e906
Shure SM81 [2]
Shure Beta 98 [2]
Shure SM7
Shure Beta 56A
Shure Beta 58 [2]
Shure 520DX (Green Bullet)
Shure SM57 [4]
Sony C-38B
Soyuz 023 Bomblet
Stager SR-1A
Stager SR-2N (matched pair)
Telefunken E LAM 260 Stereo Set
Telefunken TD25
TMC AP12501
Unidyne III 545 [6]
Unidyne III 546
Zeppelin Design Labs Cortado Mk III [2]

Effect Pedals

Boss DD-3 Delay
Boss OC-2 Octave
Boss TR-2 Tremelo
DOD Overdrive Preamp 250
Durham Electronics Sex Drive
Dulop Tremelo [Stereo Pan]
Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi [Sovtek]
Fulltone Full-Drive 3
Fulltone DejáVibe2
Ibanez AD9 Analog Delay [Keeley Mod]
Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah
JHS Colour Box
MXR Dyna Comp (1975 script)
MXR Phase 90
Prescription Elect. Experience Pedal
Pro Co Rat
Strymon Blue Sky
Strymon Mobius
Strymon Timeline
T.C. Electronics Ditto Looper
Xotic E.P. Booster
Z. Vex Super Hard-On
Z. Vex Fuzz Factory

Direct / Re-Amp Boxes

A Designs REDDI
Countryman Type 85 Active DI
Radial JDI
Radial Pro D2
Radial EXTC (x2)
Radial SGI [Studio Guitar Interface] (x2)

Software Plugins / Effects

UAD Ultimate Bundle
Sound Toys 5 Ultimate Bundle
Waves Gold Bundle
Kush Audio Complete Bundle
Avid Factory Bundle
Celemony Melodyne
Antares Auto-Tune EFX

Software Instruments

Native Instruments KOMPLETE 10 Ultimate
Omnisphere 2
East West Symphonic Orchestra Platinum
Miroslav Philharmonik
Superior Drummer 2
EZ Keys
M-Tron Pro


Fender Champ (1966 blackface)
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Fender Twin II
Fender Blues Jr
Fender Pro Jr
Vox AC30 CC2X (w/ Blue Alnico speakers)
Leslie 122 (1968)
Divided By 13 FTR 37
Univox Combo (1960s)
Roland JC-120 | Jazz Chorus
Rickenbacker Combo
Aguilar AG 700 Bass Amplifier
Ampeg SVT-410HE (4×10 cab)

Stringed Instruments

Gibson J-45
Gibson SG w/ Bigsby
Epiphone Dot w/ Bigsby
Epiphone ’56 Les Paul (P90’s / Bigsby)
Epiphone Les Paul (P94’s / Bigsby)
Epiphone ET278
Fender Telecaster
Fender Jaguar Baritone Special HH
Danelectro 12 String
Yamaha Classical Guitar
Custom (Fender style) P/J Bass
Fender Mustang P/J Bass
Vox Sidewinder IV Hollowbody Bass
Ludwig Banjo
Dobro Resonator Guitar
Harmony Mandolin
Webber Mandolin


Arp Odyssey
Korg MicroKORG Synthesizer
Moog Taurus Pedals
Moog Minitaur
Suzuki Omni Chord Two
Yamaha DX-7
Casio SK-1

Keyboard Instruments

Yamaha U3
Yamaha CP-80
Fender Rhodes
Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Wurlitzer Model 625 Organ
Chickering Upright Piano
Story and Clark Upright Piano
Hohner Accordian
Korg SV-1
Silvertone Chord Organ
Wearer Pump Organ (early 1900s)

Drums / Percussion

22″ Ludwig Kick Drum
16″ Ludwig Floor Tom
13″ Ludwig Rack Tom
22″ C&C Kick Drum
16″ C&C Floor Tom
14″ C&C Rack Tom
13″ C&C Rack Tom
Many Snares
Zildjan Cymbals
CP Congas
Various percussion