Where is Ramble Creek Recording Studio located?

Good question. Ramble Creek is located fifteen minutes south-west of downtown Austin, Texas; near FM1826 & Slaughter Ln.  To arrange a meeting & tour of the studio please e-mail info@ramblecreek.com or call 512.797.7131

What are your rates?

Rates vary by project.

Some clients require long 12 hour blocks over multiple days, while other projects are realized over the course of weeks or even months of shorter days or evening sessions.  Some artists are in need of additional players & instrumentation to get the desired result, others are well rehearsed full bands ready to document the sonic fruits of their labor.  Commercial clients developing content for Television and Radio require a dramatically different approach to the development of creative output than a band or songwriter.  Every recording project requires a custom approach.  Consequently, it is difficult to set a static rate that applies to every project.  To discuss the cost of your project, please e-mail info@ramblecreek.com or call 512.797.7131

Why are there only 2 FAQs?

Because this page is still in development. Stand by for more light shedding FAQs.